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[icon] .eTeRnaLLy.ThouGhtFuL.
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Time:12:59 pm
i got a new livejournal.

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Current Music:No Rain :: Blind Melon
Time:10:26 pm
Current Mood:bitchybitchy
lets drink tea together =)
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Time:10:25 pm
Introverted (I) 52.78% Extroverted (E) 47.22%
Imaginative (N) 62.5% Realistic (S) 37.5%
Emotional (F) 60% Intellectual (T) 40%
Easygoing (P) 63.16% Organized (J) 36.84%
Your type is: INFP
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Current Music:Make It Hot :: Nicole, Missy, Timba
Time:10:01 pm
Current Mood:boredbored
he doesnt deserve me
as most have said
we have nothing in common
and he makes me sad
but as i sit here after cutting off my locks
cant help but wish to turn back all the clocks
it couldnt have been different
i wouldnt want it that way
but if it wasnt for him
i might not be here today
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Subject:-[ random ]-
Time:08:22 am
so0o0o eric's coming around 12:40 today and we shall chill and wait for jane til 2:15. hopefully i can fax my resume a bunch of places from austin's house [i reeeaaally need a job]. i wonder how eric feels about starbux...hmmm...sushi's in the mood for coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

im freaking bored out of my mind. school is so gay. i dont think i've learned AnYtHiNg over the past two years. . .well i learned a lot, just not in school. anyhoo i want to learn to play bass. or a guitar. i tried to play the drums, trumpet, and i think trumbone for a week or two...but none of those worked in my favor. stupid instruments. stupid band camp. =P

austinnnn -->teach me. please. i'll pay. with copper coins [i think thats pennies, right?].....austin's cool. i like austin. eric on the other hand. well now, eric's an asshole. he wont sleep with porky, the chiken. he tells me his name doesnt suit him. otherwise he'd jump right on it.

god knows im bored and slowly going out of my mind. so zara called me last night around 10:30 and DAMN i wish i was able to go with her. she was meeting up with those guys from long island that i didnt get to meet last time. its like fate's preventing me from ever meeting these motherfuckers. AND i would've gotten to see her new car. mMmMm zara's new car..::drifts off in dream::

we shall chill tomorrow. . .but then again i think jane and my mom are taking me to the spa thing. . .or maybe its me and mom who are taking jane. . .u never know now-a-days. i want to go. and this is the last opportunity to go with my mommy before she goes into the hospital for that surgery. i wonder why i chose not to worry about that. i think i choose not to worry about everything that may or may not have a happy ending. . .im strange. it makes it seem like i dont care, but i do. i really love her even though she thinks i hate her. oh life. how weird it is.

yeah so the bell rang and imma go now. bi~
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Current Music:im in school dude
Time:08:19 am
Current Mood:calmcalm
due to having random people start reading my LJ, i decided im gonna put alot of entries under "friends" only. . .sooo....log in or some shit.
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Time:07:27 am
dear friend,

being sensitive is ok for guys. it doesnt make you a whimp nor does it make you a gay man. sensitivity is a good thing.

love always,
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Current Music:Jack Off Jill :: Fear of Dying
Time:10:31 pm
Current Mood:ecstaticecstatic
wheee we went to the zoo =D

i was so excited. . ..i havent been to the zoo since i was like 12. we saw spider monkeys. . .and lions. . .and it made me aggrivated that sick bastards keep all these beautiful animals in cages. i mean they were put on this earth to be free and run free. i think they deserve some form of respect. at least for the simple reason that god put them here. . .and all these sick motherfuckers have nothing better to do with their lives than catch those who have lives and imprison them. its like a freakin death sentence put on the innocent. . . . .yeah the zoo made me a bit angry on the inside. but oh my god the monkeys were so0o0o0o0o CUTE!!.....i feel like an asshole rejoicing this moment after bitching about it for a paragraph.

you know what we SHOULD do. . .is catch real criminals who rape young girls, give them a "species" name, and put them on display for everyone to see. . . ... .so u know little toddlers are walking through the park, they see tim in a cage and their parents go over to that sign by the cage: "ahh children, and this is what a rapist looks like" ::kids point and laugh::......side note: 'please do not feed the rapist (is kept on special diet)'

=D well anyway now that we had a good laugh i shall go and try to learn something about anything...or maybe just go to sleep. . .

oh yeah, austin inspired me to categorize my buddy list into three major categories: 1.PeOpleThatDontSucK 2.PeOple 3.AsshOles

good night to all <3
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Current Music:Greed :: Godsmack
Subject:-[ drops of blood ]-
Time:03:39 am
Current Mood:crankycranky
such pain
caused by a liar
so lost
every desire
in this eternal fire
created by my own
my hopes ripped out
and in my face were thrown
a king sits at his throne
laughing in my face
creating scars within me
that i cant erase
a heartless king
creating chaos everywhere he steps
a mindless fling
with his servant
not acknoledging the girl has more emotions
than he does land
i followed his every command
fulfilled every demand
he allows me to go on
without an effort of his own
he kills a young cute girl
and one day he'll be shown
what's life
and what a soul looks like
he'll see how he took every drop
hof my blood...how he wouldnt stop
drinking it from my veins
his kingdom no longer reigns
god will show and illustrate
how his actions stirred up hate
and how he stole
a pure fresh soul
and how there is a price to pay
for every drop of me he took away
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Current Music:Breaking The Habit :: Linkin Park
Subject:-[ addiction ]-
Time:10:25 pm
Current Mood:blankblank
caused by lack of her favorite obsession
no longer in her posession
its an addiction
bodies moving together creating friction
its withdrawl
its an addict trying to stand tall
no angel catching her fall
just a hole
deep and dark
the drug has made its mark
but the addict cant give in
wont give in
please one more time
its not a crime
just a skimpy dime
she's trying
her problem's avoided
she's denying
this addiction
denial leads to conviction
such an easy prediction
just one more dose
she wont shoot up her arm
she'll snort it with her nose
instead of smelling a rose
the drug is turning her into a zombie
she's becoming as vain as the chick dressed in abercrombie
she's lost and addicted
every moral created in the past contradicted
she reaches for another bump
before falling you gotta jump
yet for once there was no landing
among pathetic fakes now she wasn't standing
her overdosed body motionless on the floor
she'll never do it anymore
she was never hardcore
she was just trying to explore
too bad she chose to quit
only after that last hit
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[icon] .eTeRnaLLy.ThouGhtFuL.
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